Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Real Life Copying Fiction?

So ... two weeks ago I eventually joined a choir. Hurrah!

I have been talking about it for the past few years and just never got round to it. I have always loved to sing, and once I sang to an audience of over a thousand. Okay, granted, they were a captive audience - (a school summer assembly) and I had the help of two other colleagues, one on keyboards, one on guitar, but I did do it! The TV programme - The Choir also convinced me that I wanted to join one, but I didn't want to sing classical stuff. So I looked up the Rock Choirs that have sprung up all over the shop but decided that they were a bit too pricey. Then I found one about twenty minute's drive from me, but the dark winter nights put me off.

And then ... just when I had forgotten the whole idea, my daughter told me that she'd found out from someone at playgroup that there was one just down the road - less than ten minute's walk! Well, you can imagine, I jumped at it. The Indian Queens Community Choir turned out to be just what I had been looking for. There are about 26 of us, mixed ages and gender (though it has to be said, there are more women than men) and seem a really nice bunch. So far we have sung  Rule The World, (Gary Barlow) Sweet Child of Mine and last week joy of joys, Coldplay's Viva La Vida! They are one of my favourite groups and I know most of their songs very well. I was told by the lady next to me, Barbara, who is Justin, the choir leader's mum, that Fix You was on the list too. I love that song! So, I was chuffed to little mint balls.

The strange thing is that Somewhere Beyond the Sea, my next paperback out on the 7th of April (ebook version March) has a choir in the story too. One of my main characters, Karen Ainsworth, has an extraordinary singing voice, (unlike me) and though she has many worries in her life, eventually decides to try and put those behind her when she joins her local choir in the fictional Cornish village of Kelerston. Unfortunately, that's where the real nightmare begins for Karen and her husband...

Now, of course I really hope for my sake that I don't encounter such horrors at my local choir!  I can't see that happening actually, as my group are a real nice bunch and there's a great community atmosphere in the room. I love belonging to a community. Since we moved to Cornwall in August from Bristol I have met some lovely folk who are so friendly. Even strangers on the street say hello when they pass.

So if you live in the area why not come and join in? You will be really glad you did :)


  1. I'm sure you all sound wonderful and I'm a Coldplay fan too - heard them in concert here in Nashville a couple of years ago. Will hope for no horrors at your group :)
    Angela Britnell

  2. SOOOOO jealous, Angela! I really, really want to see them.Thanks for your comment x

  3. Friends of mine sing in a Rock Choir and really love it! Me - I sing in between the notes, so prob wouldn't get beyond the foyer! They say singing is extremely good for you mentally. So that's a positive....

    1. Thank you, Carol. It certainly lifts the spirits! x