Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - Hurrah!

I am so looking forward to this year! 2013 was very good to me with a successful launch of A Stitch in Time. It has some lovely reviews (45 five-star!) and is at the time of writing, it is  #1 again in Time Travel!

My second novel with Choc Lit, Somewhere Beyond the Sea will be out in March and another ebook out around the same time. (Title to be decided) I am hoping for Cross-Stitch, the sequel to A Stitch in Time to be out at the end of the year if all goes well, fingers crossed. This will depend on a favorable report from Choc Lit's tasting panel  ;)

On a personal level, I have a beautiful granddaughter Esme who was born in July. She is so full of life and desperate to start crawling. She's really cute and bright as a button, just like her big brother, Ronan.


 I can't wait for spring so we can take full advantage of our recent move to this stunning part of the world.
Bedruthan Steps (20 mins from us!)

I wish you all a brilliant, happy, healthy and successful New Year. If it is anything like the last one I will be over the moon! :)


  1. It's going to be a great year for you, Mandy - so much to look forwards to! x

  2. What a lovely year for you! Especially the grand daughter!!! Hope 2014 is equally good!

  3. Thanks, girls! I hope 2014 is great for the both of you, too! Can't wait to hear the news about your forthcoming grandchild, Carol! X