Saturday, 7 April 2012

Interview with author Rose McClelland

Rose has just had her fab début novel The Break-Up Test released by innovative new publishing company - Crooked Cat Publishing.

I am delighted that Rose has agreed to answer a few questions here today.

So, Rose, when did you first start writing and why?

It was actually on a rainy afternoon when I younger. My sister Rhoda said that we should write stories for each other to pass the time. Dear love us, there were seven children in our family, clearly we didn’t have enough toys to play with!

Whilst at University, I wrote theatre reviews and film reviews for the student newspaper. This was so I could get the free tickets! I was obviously the penniless student!

I attended a creative writing course whilst living in London. I started writing a novel but it was shoved into the bottom drawer and never resurrected.

Six years ago, I read “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. It’s a 12-week course giving tips to unblock your creativity. By week 8, I had started my first novel and kept on going until it was finished. I am now writing book number 4.

How does writing make you feel?

I don’t really have to be ‘in the mood’ to write. I just have writing slots and I write whether I’m feeling good, bad or indifferent. I tend to just get into the zone and get on with it. After I’ve finished a writing session though, I feel pleased with myself. It’s a bit like that virtuous feeling after hitting the gym.

What is your writing day like?

“Writing morning” would be more accurate. I get up, get the coffee on and open the lap-top before I have any time to think twice about it. I’ll write for a few hours, stopping for the odd coffee/ glass of water. Setting small goals and giving yourself a pat on the back once you’ve reached them is important. It’s also good to write about something you really want to write about it, and enjoy it. If you’re enjoying it, chances are the reader will too.

Did anyone or anything inspire you along your journey?

‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron. It’s about getting rid of all those blocks that stand in the way of putting pen to paper. Tiny lurking fears about what people think might be the real reason behind excuses like ‘I haven’t got time…’

Who is your favourite author?

Paige Toon. I love her writing style. I love her characters. I love her plots.

Tell me a little about your new novel.

‘The Break-up Test’ is about breaking up, bouncing back and moving on.
It’s about three women who are in tricky relationships.
A mutual male friend Jamie draws up a ten point test to offer them success.

Sounds intriguing,what’s your next project?

I’m writing my fourth book at the moment. It’s set in the theatre world and is all about the sizzling chemistry and drama that goes on behind the scenes!

What’s the most important tip you could give to a new writer?

Stop worrying about what other people think. Fear is the biggest block to writing. You’ll never please everyone, so start trying to please yourself.

Where do you want to be in three years time?

Good question! I love a bit of visualisation!
Three years time… right…. Can I dream up anything?
I’d want to be living in the same apartment. I love it here and should they have to drag me out kicking and screaming, I am staying put.
I’d like to have received an email from a reader, (someone who isn’t a friend/family member and isn’t forced to say nice things about me) saying that she loved ‘The Break-up Test’ and that it cheered her up and made her feel happy.
And finally, I’d love to have long hair. Like, really lovely, flicking locks, a bit like Jennifer Aniston’s. I know this is impossible because she has fine hair and I have frizzy hair, but a girl can dream, right?

What’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?

Without a doubt it was the morning that I opened my email and I saw the subject header “Publishing Contract”. It was on Monday 13th February and the following day was my happiest Valentine’s Day ever!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Rose and I wish you every success with The Break-Up Test!

Thanks very much for having me!

Meet Amy, Beth and Sarah. All intelligent women with one thing in common – a bad taste in men!

Amy receives seductive texts from Gav and promptly skips round to his house for a mid-afternoon romp. She never planned it that way. Maybe one day he’ll actually fall in love with her?

Beth sits at her desk, her mobile phone propped up in front of her keyboard. Anytime soon it’ll light up like the Blackpool Illuminations, and Karl will finally get in touch about that drink. It’s been five days…

Sarah is seeing Stephen, trying to believe his claim that although he shares a bed with his ex, Kat, they aren’t sleeping together. She can’t believe it’s turned into one of THOSE stories you read about in women’s weeklies.

Then Jamie comes along with his Break-Up Test and turns their lives upside down.

Will Gav, Karl and Stephen suddenly sniff the competition and clean up their acts?

And what exactly is in it for Jamie?


  1. Nice interview : )

    It's really funny as I feel I know Rose but I have found out new things about you today. That's really cool. And I so need a dose of your writing discipline!! x

  2. Thanks for your comment, Yasmin. And writing discipline? Think I need a few lessons there too ;)

  3. Sign me up for the writing discipline lessons too. I should be writing now - but I'm drinking coffee and reading blogs. :)

    I adore that cover, by the way.

  4. Lol. I know the feeling! Thanks for your comment :)