Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mr Blue Sky

Went to the opticians last week and had an eye test. You'd be pretty shocked if I said I had a filling now wouldn't you?

Anyway, apparently I have enlarged optic nerves. That's the important bit at the back of your eye ball that keeps your eyes glued to your brain. The optician said I needed to have photographs taken of the back of my eye to make sure there was no sign of glaucoma.

Well I tell you I nearly fell into one at the very mention of it! (a keep up). Thing was they couldn't do it 'til the following week. I shouldn't worry too much though she said as every other sign indicated normality - well obviously not complete normality as it is me we're talking about!

So anyway you can imagine all week I was worrying that the photos would show abnormality and I'd been on the Internet looking at all the horrid things associated with enlarged optic nerves. Tumours - all sorts! Too much information - scared myself witless.

This Friday morning I was driving to work - the photos were due to be done later that day. It was a particularly dark morning, cold, drizzly and miserable - I felt that winter had truly arrived. The cars all had their headlights on and every driver's face seemed to reflect my mask of woe.

Then on the radio came the old song Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O. I loved it when it was in the charts when I was a teenager, but since those times have thought it sounded a bit cheesy.

For some reason listening to it again on that miserable morning it lifted my spirits. I half expected the dark clouds to part theatrically allowing the blue to shine through. And you know it is a very good bit of work. The orchestra and the 'bom bom bom' vocals toward the end are brilliant.

Maybe I didn't appreciate it as much when I was younger, maybe it had the advantage of nostalgia, maybe I'm crackers, but I thought... even if the photos bring bad news glaucoma or tumour, something worse I haven't had such a bad run.

I felt grateful for the life I had, and even if my sight failed I started to remember all the fantastic sights I had seen over the years.Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Pacific Ocean rollers, too many more to mention and of course the faces of my wonderful family and friends.

By the time I arrived at school (work) I felt sooo much better. Even the miserable drivers I passed on the way cheered up and began to sing along waving their arms in time to E.L.O.(no not really, that bit is a fib)

Well anyhow - the photos were duly taken that afternoon and thankfully they were OK! I have to keep my eye on them (pun was intended) and have the photos done every 3 years or so, but apart from that all is well.

So thanks E.L.O and I'll never think you were cheesy ever again, promise :)


  1. I'm so glad that eye camera didn't dig down any deeper or they would've seen that muddle of cables in your brain. You'd be in a ward now.

  2. All I can say is that you've got a nerve putting this on the blog.

  3. Aye Aye!
    Glad all is well.
    Brilliant blog x

  4. Excellent post, you're very funny. Have you ever thought of collecting posts like these in a "Diary of Mandy James"-type book. I think it'd be a Christmas bestseller!

  5. Im Glad your well , brought a tear to my eye . I would lend you my eyes mum but I need them to see your face . xxxxxxx (cant think of anything else to include "eyes" in the sentence .)

  6. I'm glad the photos were all clear. I'm also glad E.L.O. cheered you up. There's nothing worse than waiting for test results:) Hooray for the power of music!

  7. Thanks to everyone who commented so far - very much appreciated.In fact EYE can't thank you enough!

  8. Man went into an opticians and said, "I can't see as far as I used to." "Really?" said the optician who proceeded to take yer man outside where he pointed to the sky. "What's that up there then?" "Why," said the man,"that's the sun." "Well," said the optician, "if you can see the sun, how far DO you want to see...?"