Monday, 22 April 2013

Saturday Surgery with Dr Phil Hammond

I had such a great time at BBC Radio Bristol last Saturday. I was the 'dinner guest' and had an hour long chat with Dr Phil Hammond who made me feel very welcome and is such a lovely man too.

We talked about my book A Stitch in Time and the four guests who I would invite to dinner. If you would like to find out who came to our dinner party, click the link below! :)

My chat with Dr Phil. (I am on about 6 mins in)

Here is a photo - I had my eyes shut unfortunately!


  1. Oooh....I think I'd have had my eyes shut to..... just dreamin'.

  2. Ha ha! You are a card, Carol. X

  3. Well done - you're very brave! Cx

  4. Thank you, Chris. I was very nervous at first, but it passed quickly and I enjoyed it. :) x

  5. The podcast is no longer available, Mandy! :-(