Thursday, 7 February 2013

Where do you write and does it matter?

As some of you may know, I write. As some of you may also know, I am not a great believer in leaping out of bed, getting showered, dressed, breakfasted and dashing off to a specified area of the house set aside for the writing process. 

Even though I use a modern laptop - (the above picture is just for illustration purposes)  I don't have an office, room, or indeed, shed to write in. I know that many of my writer friends do and feel that it is necessary,  nay, crucial to get their creative juices flowing. A special designated spot away from all distraction is a must for them. Now, I don't like distraction, so why, oh why do I choose to sit on the sofa in my dressing gown alternating between writing, Twitter and Facebook? I have done a post on procrastination in the past, so I won't do one here, but I guess it all ties in to what I'm saying. (see what I did there? No? Hmm neither do I.) 

I have no answers really. There is a large part of me that would love to abandon the sofa for the heady heights of a shed, but alas I am without the means to achieve such a place. There are other rooms in the house however (I am not chained to the sofa with heavy duty manacles) and with very little effort I could make another space welcoming and conducive to juicing the creativity. I must turn over a new leaf and at least get dressed before beginning work for the day. Perhaps then I would feel like I was actually doing a job and wouldn't be tempted to see what the latest is on Twitter and Facebook?

So dear readers, where do you write and does it really matter? I am sure Carol Hedges will have a thing or two to say...she normally does.


  1. When I'm travelling, I write in a notebook - and almost anywhere - in cafes, bus stations, hotel rooms, on trains.

    At home - in the summer I sit at the table in the dining room with a view of the garden. And in the winter I'm on the sofa by the fire. Would I love a shed? I'm not sure - it sounds wonderful, but I'm happy with my peripatetic writing.

  2. Hi, Jo! That sounds marvellous! I am already thinking of all the fantastic places I could write...Egypt, Monument Valley, Everest...the list is endless, thanks :) x

  3. ...And here it is: I write in the 3rd bedroom - commonly known on my blog as the writing garret at the top of Hedges Towers. I write on an old imac which does not have internet access. Thus when I write, I can't be distracted by Twitter, FB etc. I have a knitted pink cupcake on the desk, some Littala ducks and a Murano glass pot of pens, then ends of which I chew. Ooh - and a fossil that I found in the garden. All theses have to be lined up before I start. This comment is being written on the Sony laptop, which lives in the downstairs study. So now you know. GREAT post and lovely to see the cats!! Keep blogging! You know it makes sense. X

  4. Thanks, Carol! And the lined up belongings on the desk answers one of the questions I have jotted down for when you are a guest here! I will still ask it anyway. :) x

  5. I struggle with this dilemma daily. I'm the world's worst (best?) procrastinator, and literally have to go out to a busy cafe to write, where there are no internet distractions. I CAN be disciplined if I have a deadline, and write absolutely anywhere but for some reason, without one, I don't!