Friday, 24 February 2012

Phew!!! What a week!

Well Tuesday was launch day, the day when my novel Righteous Exposure tiptoed out on stage and came under the spotlight. I had been really nervous for a few weeks running up to it, and anxious on so many levels...

Questions like the following whirled around my tormented brain in the early hours of Tuesday morning:

What if nobody buys it? What if they buy it and hate it? What if nobody takes the slightest notice of launch day and just ignores my tweets on Twitter and comments on Facebook? What if somebody buys it and a few days later reviews it and gives it 0 out of 5? As you can see... I'm a bit of a worrier.

But then I got up on Tuesday and all my fears floated away on an ocean of huge support form all my friends on both Twitter and Facebook. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone. People I follow who I don't chat to that often bought copies, as well as those I always 'see' everyday.

By around 8 o'clock I was around the 25,000 mark and then rapidly went up and up until about 2'o'clock I had cracked the top 100 in Women's fiction and was placed at #74! By around five 'o'clock I had reached #39!!! I was absolutely over the moon as you can imagine.It was as if it was all happening to someone else. And I lost count of the number of congratulations and good wishes I got from everyone.

Yesterday I was once again on cloud nine when two people who had bought my book told me they were loving it and couldn't put it down! It was just thrilling to know that after working so hard on my story, at last people were reading the fruit of my labours.

Today the book is no longer in the charts and floating around in the ether again, but I knew launch day heights couldn't last. And to have achieved #39 was beyond my wildest dreams. So, I'd like to say thanks again to every person who gave a RT or commented or bought a copy of Righteous Exposure. It meant such a lot and I definitely couldn't have done it without you.

And of course a big thanks to my publisher, Crooked Cat Publishing for bringing my novel into the daylight!

Righteous Exposure


  1. Well done my friend - I'll order a copy next week, just nuts here at the moment. Long and well deserved success:)

  2. Oh Brilliant, Mandy! So glad you had such a fab day - so exciting too. Tweeps are tremendously supportive aren't they? They never fail to bring a tear to my eye at moments like this. So glad the book's doing so well Mandy!

  3. Thanks, both! It was indeed a great day. And thanks for saying you will buy a copy, Louise. Cant wait to see what you think xx

  4. Congratulations, Mandy! I am so pleased for you. You're one of the loveliest tweeps I know, and you deserve every success! x

  5. Oh, Emma! What a lovely thing to say! Thanks so much xxx