Friday, 10 December 2010

Time’s Up

“Time and tide wait for snowmen I think,” Angelica said looking into the void.

“Not quite, but almost,” Minuteman murmured. “Look stay still and I’ll see what Hourlenion says.”

Angelica watched him fly to a taller snootier Time lord. Momentarily Hourlenion frowned. She couldn't believe it really. Safe passage to the next life depended on getting time related phrases correct.

Minuteman returned. “Look, one last chance, ‘Time flies when..?’

“You’re in the sun!” Angelica said. She was sucked into the black folds of infinity.

Hourlenion shrugged. Technically true but cuts had to be made and the void was cheaper.


  1. There are shortcuts, and then there are seconds stolen from a Minuteman. Poor folks.

  2. There is something about this one Mandy which i absolutely love. I can't quite put my finger on it. The tone is perfect. I love the speed with which poor Angelica is dispatched for mixing up a word. It's harsh, but very funny.
    In these times of austerity, there is no fairness in who gets the chop. Ask Angelica!

  3. Bad call, Angelica. Though I've made worse gaffs and I'm still here. Nice one, Mandy. :)

  4. Best line: "She was sucked into the black folds of infinity." Says it all.