Friday, 3 September 2010

Ignorance is Bliss

#Friday Flash
Barry was really glad that nobody was around when his head exploded.
They’d been telling him all his life that he thought about everything too much, and that no good would ever come of it.

Ever since he was a little boy he’d asked the obligatory questions about why the world was round, the sky blue and such, but he’d never been satisfied with the answers.
Immediately upon hearing them he’d say ‘but why wasn’t it designed to be square or triangular even?’ and ‘yes but what exactly makes it blue?’

His parents imagined that when he grew up he’d grow out of it. Their imagination was way off beam. They watched helplessly as Barry became a solitary young man, Gollumesque from always skulking indoors hidden from sunlight.
He poured over mountains of books and became glued to his computer in his tireless quest for answers.

Barry realised that others thought he was a geek, a freak, a weirdo. One day he’d show them. He’d find out the meaning of life, the origin of the universe, and everything that the most eminent scientists of today were still puzzling over. He’d be hailed the greatest brain in history and everyone would worship at his altar.

It would have happened too if he’d not ignored his instincts.

An hour ago Barry was on the brink of discovering who made God. The question that everyone has heard at one time or another, ‘if God made the universe, who made God?’ was almost at his fingertips. He then had a very bad feeling sweep over him like an angel of death.
Every fibre of his being said leave this alone Barry, walk away Barry, this secret is meant to remain just that for all eternity. If you expose it you may not be around to tell the tale.
Did he listen? Did he hell.

Under his arm was a piece of paper. Evidence that would rock the world once he reached the Royal Society buildings.

Now look at him. Here he was, a human version of Humpty Dumpty, the shell of his egg head spiralling skyward, fragmenting and expanding - speeding into the stratosphere and the distant universe beyond.

His last thought was ‘I wonder why the guy with the long white beard looks so pissed off.”


  1. Oh, very well done! Great first sentence and laughed aloud at the last one. A wonderful contribution to the #fridayflash community.


  2. Thanks so much Marisa. Glad you found it entertaining.

  3. I'm always glad too if no one is around when my head explodes.

  4. All the way through, I thought this would be a marvellous kids story - then wham! Hahaha - keep 'em coming! ;-)

  5. This is just the kind of story I love, very entertainingly written, very quirky and a little bit surreal. Well built up and very engaging throughout. Looking forward to reading lots more of yours.

  6. I love it! Really different and very entertaining! The last sentence really made me laugh.

  7. Amusing tale, I got the feeling of Tower of Babel as I was reading it. Nicely told. Welcome to Friday flash.

  8. Have you been spying on my son? :) This could certainly be him, poor fellow.
    Fantastic first sentence, and then you blew us away with the last.
    Welcome to #fridayflash!

  9. Thanks very much for all the warm welcomes and positive comments :)

  10. A fun, engaging story. It was impossible not to read after that first sentence. Welcome to #fridayflash!

  11. Haha! He is even more obsessed than my character this week. Good tale; great first line.

  12. mandy i came here and have now read FOUR of your stories -- totally entertain or thought provoking! thank you so much for sharing there tina