Saturday, 28 August 2010

Who am I?

I have often ask myself this question!

I am a writer first and foremost but teach part-time to pay the mortgage.

Well at last I have decided to start a blog. My husband Brian has been on at me for ages to do it but I thought it was a bit pretentious. I mean yes I've had a short story published as you can see from my photo, but I'm hardly J K Rowling.
Recently though other friends of mine have blogs for lots of different reasons. Some use them as a place to voice their opinions and to chat to other like minded people. I like to do both those things so here I am.

I was and still am immensely proud of my first success in print though (you can't tell that from the photo can you?), and I have quite a few short stories online. I had a story in Prima in June too.

Hopefully when I have got the hang of this blogging thing I'll put my stories on here . I have written two novels and have nearly finished a third. I of course would love to see them published, so I live in hope of that.

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Twitter too.
Hang on, does that sound like an owl? Anyway, if any of my new Twitter friends or indeed any of my old friends would like to follow this blog then please feel free!

Back soon x


  1. Love it Mandy - glad I helped to inspire you start it - just the push you needed. Looking forward to more!

  2. Thanks Effie, I expect it will take a bit of figuring out but I'll get there!

  3. Well done Mandy you made your own blog. When Im older I might be able to make my own as well!In the meantime we will have to talk to each other in our front room.

  4. Well done. First time I've seen a blog! Good luck.

  5. Hello! Lovely to see your blog. Looking forward to reading more! xx

  6. Thanks Brian, Christine, and Tacey! Tacey eh? That one foxed me for a bit until I saw your picture :)

  7. You are indeed Tacey. I thought my nan had returned to keep an eye on my progress at first!