Sausages robust, heartily full of vigour
spit fat - searing warnings on my skin.
Though I know consummation is
Sinful I yearn to taste your juices.

Insistent aromas beckon; draw me to my fate.
Undeserved reputation as heart breakers you
calm my fears.
You feign nonchalance - turn over.

I succumb to your passions, flavours, gloriously
abandoning my halo as I gorge on flesh.
Delicately threaded through with sage and thyme
You enslave me.

Practical Annie
I told her a tale of a hat pattern sale
and would she walk there with me?
I raved about fabrics and colours so
bold; perhaps we could go after tea?

Practical Annie I love you so dear,
Tho all talk of ardour you
seem not to hear.
As your needle clicks and a hat is made,
no attention to me is paid.

Practical Annie I beg of thee girl,
give a poor lad a chance - a whirl.
A whirl I am in since the day we first met
I feel like a fish caught up in love’s net.

Release me Annie, spare me one kiss
I just can’t carry on living like this.
Practical Annie looks up from her work
‘I married you didn’t I? Now stop being a jerk!’