A List of My Work So Far...

Flash Fiction
The Weight of an Avalanche
Nice Guy
Bag for Life
Hell Hath No Fury
Snake Man
The Writer
Renaissance – published Slingink

Short Stories
Sand Sculpture
The Black Pudding Murders
Do Not Go Gentle
From The Earth
Against all Odds
Making a Difference – published Prima Magazine
Meltdown (and the following four stories– published Shortbread Stories)
Must End Monday – audio story and also shortlisted for Global Short Story Comp
Last Stop
Fear Lies Within
Heart Song
So Shall he Reap

And Molly Sang - Published Shambelurkling Anthology

All Things Under The Sky – published Bridge House Gentle Footprints Anthology

Lottie's Secret - Published - Children's Hospices Charity Anthology

Cold Comfort - Published - Artillery of Words Anthology
Ignorance is Bliss - Published 100 Stories for Queensland

The Other Man’s Grass
Light at The End of The Tunnel
And Molly Sang – (children’s)
Lottie’s secret – (children’s)

Published Novels
A Stitch in Time
Cross Stitch
Dancing in the Rain
Somewhere Beyond the Sea
Summer in Tintagel
Behind the Lie
Another Mother
The Calico Cat
Rip Current

Burglar Phil
If I Had Ever Loved
For all To See
Harvest Time
Practical Annie
An End to The Bull – Review Fuse 3rd prize
The History Lesson – commended JBWB comp