Friday, 21 June 2013

A Great Month For A Stitch in Time

Regarding the summer weather, June has been a wash out up until the last few days. But for A Stitch in Time it has been amazing! It has been on the Amazon 99p Kindle promo since the beginning of the month and very quickly went to #1 in Time Travel and it is still there! It fluctuates between #2-#3 in Fantasy Futuristic and Ghost, and anywhere between the top 30 and top 50 in Contemporary Romance.

Also this month three people have kindly taken photos of the paperback in airports for me. I have yet to see it on the shelf there as I sadly don't frequent airports nowadays, but it was still a huge thrill to see photos! It's great to think that people buy my book on their way to sunny far flung destinations to read on the plane or the beach. It is something I had only dreamed about in the past.

So a huge thank you to anyone who has bought or helped promote my book on Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. It is SO very much appreciated! Right....back to the sequel :)