Monday, 22 April 2013

Saturday Surgery with Dr Phil Hammond

I had such a great time at BBC Radio Bristol last Saturday. I was the 'dinner guest' and had an hour long chat with Dr Phil Hammond who made me feel very welcome and is such a lovely man too.

We talked about my book A Stitch in Time and the four guests who I would invite to dinner. If you would like to find out who came to our dinner party, click the link below! :)

My chat with Dr Phil. (I am on about 6 mins in)

Here is a photo - I had my eyes shut unfortunately!

Friday, 12 April 2013

A Stitch in Time Launch

Well, A Stitch in Time was launched at Foyles, Bristol last Wednesday (10th of April) and it was brilliant!

After rushing around like a mad woman all week and on the day, I am happy to say despite the nerves, I really enjoyed it. It was just brilliant to see friends old and new turning up to give their support and best wishes. I was overwhelmed that over thirty people came out on a rainy cold evening to listen to me give a talk and a reading.

The little guy in this picture is my grandson, Ronan. He won the hearts of a few I can tell you!

I couldn't believe that I was actually signing books in a real bookstore either! That was something I had only ever dreamed about before.

Some friends and family had travelled from as far as Trowbridge, Westbury, Tetbury and Southampton, Just brilliant. And the refreshments were brilliant too! My fab publishers Choc Lit had sent a case of fizz and the House Of Dorchester had provided the most gorgeous Champagne and Strawberry truffles.

A friend of ours, Yvonne made the cupcakes and they were just as delicious as they look in the photo!

So I want to say a huge thank you to all who came and/or wished me well,
and Robb Norton, the manager of Foyles was a real star and made the whole evening run smoothly, so an extra big thanks to him too.

Below, more pics of the launch :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Publication Day!

The day has come at last!! My little book is out in the wide world and it feels... BRILLIANT! I have been spoiled by my wonderful publisher Choc Lit as you can see from the picture of the goodies below, and everyone has been so wonderful about how much they have enjoyed my novel so far. (It has been out as an e-book for a little while.)

It has so far only received 5* reviews - thirteen of them! And I have been overwhelmed by the fantastic comments on Twitter, Facebook and on various lovely blog posts too.

I have already been asked for a sequel by numerous people and that's lucky because I am already writing one! Talking of luck, I feel incredibly lucky to be announcing all this news, because although I have worked damned hard and never given up even when the going was really tough, I wouldn't have been able to do it all without  my lovely family, friends and of course getting the contract with such a fantastic publisher.

I have the launch to look forward to now and if you are around in Bristol on Wednesday the 10th of April, pop into Foyles bookshop, Cabot Circus between 6.30-8pm and have a chat with me. There will be chocolate, drinks and cupcakes too!

Thanks so much to all who have made this day happen, it is very much appreciated!!

If you want to buy a copy, please click the link below:

A Stitch In Time