Friday, 1 July 2011

An End to the Bull

Tonight, under the light of a million stars, she would put an end to the lies. Once her reason for being, he was now a weight around her neck, draining, wounding, dragging her earthbound.

Too often she allowed the bull to sweeten the pill of bitter excuses. He must have thousands packed away in his cold little heart, and when required, there they’d be, ready. Excuses R Us – just add water - unpack and peddle.
Working late, car broke down, conference away, the wrong kind of air on the tracks. Bull, bull, BULL!

Only she could put an end to it, but what final barb?

His eyes twinkle like the stars, but she must take him by the horns - cast him to dust.

“I want an end to the bull; you tear my heart out, taunt me, trample my love beneath your hooves of infidelity.”

He snorts, paws the earth. She sees more excuses, bitter wounds ready to tumble from his lips. She smiles, lifts her eyes to his, thrusts her sword between his horns, a twist for good measure.“I don't love you anymore.”

He stumbles, falls, dies in the dust.